How’s the Air Up There? The Right K&N Filter Can Tell You

One of the cheapest and crucial parts on any vehicle today is the air filter. This small part does so much for the engine and must be properly maintained in order to keep the engine running at its finest. K&N filters are the number one automotive filters. They have been providing the industry with quality parts that customers can rely on. The air filter must keep contaminants from entering the engine. K&N filters do this better than any other air filter on the market. They have various designs to fit any owner’s needs and also give the engine a boost in performance.

The engine of your car uses the air that is forced into it, mixed with fuel to keep it running. This air that flows into the engine is filtered through the air filter. Specific to K&N filters is their unique design that works better than any other air filter used today. Their specially designed media traps 99% of all harmful contaminants. Competitors only trap 98% at best. This makes K&N filters stand out among any other air filter.

High performance and daily driven vehicles will both benefit from using this air filter .There are many problems with the air filter that came with the car from the factory. The stock filter is cheap and mass produced to reduce the cost, but still provide some sort of protection for the engine. Not only does this decrease efficiency, but the air filterneeds to be serviced and replaced more often. The filter is made from a cheap material that does not provide the engine with the cleanest air.

Performance is added when using K&N filters. Since their products allow the engine to work more efficient, it will then produce more power. The engine will not have to work as hard and the owner will see an improvement in fuel mileage as well. We all know how important gas mileage is these days. The K&N air filter will bump up the engine’s horsepower and drive will feel it. It also produces a deeper sound which is highly liked.

The best quality about these products is their ability to be washed and reused. No other filter on the market can be washed and reused as many times as these. They have a million-mile warranty and will outlast the life of the vehicle. When the filter becomes dirty, simply take it out and wash it. When it’s dry, oil it up, put it back in and you are good to go. There is no need to go to the automotive store and buy another one.

Their automotive parts are available in cone style as well. These are also known as the air intake filter. The cone shape fits perfect on the end of any aftermarket air intake and you will be able to throw away the useless one it comes with. Most companies that include a filter with their intake system do not focus on the filter. They focus on the intake itself and how well it provides air flow for the engine. A well-built air intake is worthless without a K&N air filter.

K&N OE replacement air filters are designed to replace the stock filter. They are an exact replica but with better material to increase air flow and trap more harmful contaminants. There is no cutting or modification necessary as every air filter is vehicle specific.

Universal products are necessary for those custom engine builds and engine swaps. K&N filters offer various shapes and sizes to accommodate these users. The air filter sometimes needs to clear certain parts when doing a custom engine build or swap. Off-road vehicles can sometimes need a unique filter due to the custom placement of the intake. Sometimes they are installed up higher to prevent any water damage to the engine.

Boats can also benefit from their products. Flame arrestors are available to those who want quality for their marine vessel. This air filter will protect the engine better than any other product. Like their other parts, this is also 100% washable and reusable. With this being such a crucial part for the boat, quality is always a concern and that is what K&N filters is all about.

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