How Upgrading to Polyurethane Bushings Helps Drivability

A quiet and comfortable ride is applied to each and every vehicle on the road through suspension bushings. Energy Suspension bushings offer products for every car, truck and SUV on the road today. Their parts are created for optimum performance and improve drivability. Without suspension bushings, our vehicles would be very noisy and the parts underneath would need to be replaced often.

The job of the vehicle’s suspension bushings is to create a link between parts. This link allows parts to be connected still rotating and moving. Energy Suspension bushings are available to replace any factory rubber bushing on the car or truck. Suspension bushings are like cartilage in our joints. Each of our body’s joints is connected using cartilage to allow for movement and so our bones do not rub together. That would be awfully painful. Every vehicle suspension is the same way. There are numerous parts that connect together to form a base for the body to ride on. Suspension bushings are necessary when connecting any type of suspension part.

Rubber and polyurethane are the two materials that suspension bushings are made out of. Energy Suspension manufactures polyurethane bushings which are a great improvement over rubber bushings. Every vehicle from the factory comes with rubber bushings. Rubber is very cost effective which is why so many automotive manufacturers use it. However, the rubber has many disadvantages. Rubber tends to wear our quickly. This is a problem because the suspension parts will start to rub together and create a noisy ride and put extra wear on the suspension. Rubber does not stand up well against road debris and salt. Harsh winters will corrode the rubber and make it brittle. When suspension parts start to rub together, they will put extra wear on the surrounding parts. Polyurethane suspension bushings are designed for improved performance and handling. They are much stronger than rubber and will last longer as well. Factory suspension bushings are not made to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Polyurethane will not crack or corrode and provide a stable link between suspension components.

Just imagine if our vehicle’s suspension was linked together with various nuts and bolts. This would make for a very uncomfortable ride. Energy suspension bushings have been supplying the aftermarket industry for many years. Any car or truck must be able to compensate for uneven road surfaces and bumps. Suspension bushings allow the car to handle any situation while still maintaining a level of drivability. For most of us, this part of the car is overlooked. Most of us focus on the exterior and how well the car looks. A good looking car would be a garage queen without proper suspension bushings. The driver would never want to be in the car and neither would any passengers.

Polyurethane bushings come with aftermarket performance parts as well. This alone can allow users to understand why these suspension bushings are far superior to rubber. Energy suspension bushings are available for the vehicle’s control arms, sway bars, end links, motor mounts, and transmission mounts. Each suspension bushing will provide stability between parts.

High performance vehicles need polyurethane bushings to handle the power from the engine. With higher speeds comes more wear and tear on the suspension. Energy suspension has products for all types of vehicles including imports, domestics, sport compacts, and trucks. Automotive on heavy duty trucks can wear out extremely fast. Trucks are meant for any type of terrain. Rubber bushings will not hold up well when taking the truck off-road or the back trails. Polyurethane bushings will provide a smoother ride and are a one-time cost. Polyurethane bushings are a relatively inexpensive upgrade for what they offer.

For someone to appreciate an upgrade to polyurethane bushings, they must feel it to believe it. Taking tight turns and sharp corners will decrease body roll and suspension flex with upgraded bushings. The car’s suspension components will last longer and provide increased performance. They come in various colors as well to accent the vehicle. Both black and red can be had from Energy Suspension to coordinate with the color theme.

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