How to Install DigitalFit Floor Liners

The Weathertech digitalfit floor mats are intended to replace your current car floor mats. When you receive them, you will notice that they cover the entire floor surface and would not fit if they are installed on top of your current floor mats. If the Weathertech digital fit floor mats are installed over your existing ones, dirt and debris will damage the carpet underneath and on the side.

You must remember to select the digital fit floor mats for your specific year, make and model. These are not universal and are laser cut for each vehicle. Choosing the wrong ones will only increase your troubles. In certain situations, some car mats will fit other years of the same model, but should be verified.

If your vehicle is equipped with retention hooks, make sure to use them with the Weathertech digital fit floor mats. They serve the purpose of keeping the floor liners from sliding around. If the Weathertech car mats are not used with the hooks, this would increase the chance of dirt and debris falling onto the carpet. These car mats also include anchors and grommets that must be used as well.

When you are installing the Weathertech digital floor mats for the driver’s side, make sure the pedals are out of the way. Installing them over the pedals or not being careful enough will result in some serious accidents. If the Weathertech floor mats are lodged in between the gas pedal, the engine will rev upon startup and can create significant damage.

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