How Fidanza Flywheels and Clutches Do What They Do

Enter the world of aftermarket drivetrain parts, where lightweight flywheels and stronger clutches will take your car from zero to hero. An engine with numerous amounts of added performance parts won’t be able to perform without the proper transmission setup. Not only are they used for performance, but durability is a priority for some people as well. For this reason, aftermarket flywheels have been manufactured to take care of business.

The results can be overwhelming when searching for aftermarket drivetrain parts. Most enthusiasts stick to big name manufacturers like Fidanza. Fidanza produces some of the best engine drivetrain products on the market today .Their line of lightweight transmission flywheels have proven themselves in all sorts of ways. The aftermarket flywheel industry is also cluttered with generic companies and no-name manufacturers. When upgrading the drivetrain of your vehicle, stick with well-known companies. Fidanza flywheels have been around for a long time and continue to improve their products. Technology is booming and Fidanza is taking complete advantage of that. This aftermarket automotive drivetrain company would not last for so long without proven results of their products. Generic companies tend to use cheap materials which can cause serious damage to your vehicle. The engine’s flywheel can shatter inside the transmission and require a new one. Do it right the first time so you don’t have to do it twice! Fidanza lightweight flywheels are available for both import and domestic vehicles.

A factory transmission clutch and flywheel can only handle factory power from the engine. A boost in engine power will result in more wear and tear on the vehicle’s drivetrain. Adding parts like intakes, exhausts, headers and superchargers will put a strain on the car’s clutch and flywheel. Fidanza lightweight flywheels will solve this problem. The automotive engine’s flywheel is designed to store energy and prevent any changes in engine speed. Without the engine’s flywheel, the engine would have no power to turn over. A Fidanza flywheel would pair even better with a Fidanza clutch. This combination would make for a solid drivetrain for optimal performance. Any performance upgrades to the engine will be able to transfer to the wheel properly with an upgraded drivetrain.

Lightweight Fidanza flywheels come in two different types: aluminum and steel. Both of these engine flywheels offer different qualities based on the specific application. A Fidanza aluminum flywheel is made using superior quality aluminum. Strength is needed for any engine flywheel. Their flywheel is also capable of working with any type of clutch out there including organic, kevlar, ceramic, and metallic. Not only does Fidanza use quality aluminum, but they are fully CNC machined. This makes for exact fitment and top-notch performance. A lighter engine flywheel is perfect for car enthusiasts with performance upgrades and drivers who like to take their vehicle to the track. Most high performance race cares use a Fidanza flywheels & clutches. Aftermarket flywheels do not essentially create more horsepower, though. Fidanza’s lightweight flywheels reduce the weight of the factory flywheel by about 10 percent. In return, the engine is able to rev quicker. The engine can then focus more of its power on something else, rather than exerting useless energy on rotating the flywheel. Car enthusiasts often think a lighter flywheel will add horsepower to the engine.

Why would an owner want a heavier flywheel? Increased performance may not be what some drivers are after. A steel flywheel is much stronger than aluminum and can last longer as well. Fidanza automotive steel flywheels are typically used on rock crawling vehicles and heavy duty trucks. For these owners, performance is not what they are after. Extreme strength and longevity is the goal when adding a steel engine flywheel. Fidanza’s steel flywheels are made from carbon steel and can withstand any and all sorts of abuse. Durability and serviceability are two of Fidanza’s main goals.

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