Hood Scoops Reveal a Custom, Aggressive Look Without a Serious Modification

Performance car accessories do not necessarily mean actual improved performance. Sometimes, the termperformance car accessories simply refers to decor or style. This is the case with Pilot Automotive Hood Scoops. Pilot Hood Scoops unleash an aggressive, turbocharged accent to the hood of your car that folks will take notice of. Well… of course they will take notice! When people see a hood vent standing front-and-center on a car, they automatically figure racer or big engine. And even if they don’t it is still a look that adds a certain something to your vehicle’s exterior. Pilot Hood Scoops are available in several styles to match the different types of cars and preferences out there. Choose from Vector, Pro-Street, Rally, Mini, and Carbon Fiber.

Regardless of style, Pilot Hood Vents feature a finish that will stay looking great regardless of its prolonged exposure to the elements. In other words, this isn’t some exterior upgrade that is going to fade (like some lesser brand names). They are also a universal fit, meaning practically any hood scoop will go just fine on any type of vehicle. Drive a Tundra but want to add some sporty style? Still zipping around in that late 90’s Prelude? It doesn’t matter what you drive, there is a hood vent for you somewhere in our inventory. Pilot Automotive Hood Scoopscome with double-sided 3M ultra-grade adhesive for a peel & stick installation that takes just minutes. Simply line your hood vent up where you want it, apply the adhesive, and there you go!

UltraRev is here with a full catalog of performance car accessories and parts drivers love. If you’re looking for serious upgrades to tackle the speedway or instead just want to throw some sleek style onto your vehicle, we have something for you. You can also always trust the level of quality at UltraRev since we only offer top brand names like Pilot Automotive. You deserve the best quality and value out there so that is what we are determined to give you.

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