High Quality Filters = High Quality Car Performance

Not only does an automotive engine need an air intake to provide clean air, but it also needs an oil filter to keep harmful contaminants from destroying it. The job of the oil filter is to trap these contaminants from being distributed throughout the engine. The oil is designed to lubricate various engine components and keep them cool as well.K&N filters prevent 99% of harmful contaminants from entering the oil. This is better than every other manufacturer out there.

Changing the oil in our vehicles just seems like something that needs to be done every few months. It becomes routine after a while and most of us don’t even know why we need to do it. Heat is the number one reason for changing the oil in our engines. Various moving parts inside the engine create heat which breaks down the oil. Dirt also contributes to the reason for changing oil. Although K&N filters trap contaminants better than any other, the older it gets, the less efficient it becomes.

Your oil filter should be changed every few thousand miles, or according to what the vehicle’s computer tells you. It is not an issue if you go over the recommended time frame by a few hundred miles or so. It is not recommended and can damage your engine if you extend the life of the oil to over one thousand miles or more. It will not do its job like it should and will severely damage the engine.

It is always recommended to change your oil and oil filter yourself. You will never know what kind of oil or what kind of oil filter the mechanic is using. At least if you do it yourself, you can choose K&N filters and quality oil that will give you confidence. There are too many horror stories of customers getting their car back with the wrong oil or the mechanic forgetting to put the oil filter in. Say goodbye to your car if this were to happen. Once you open the box of K&N filters, you will recognize why they are so highly regarded. Mechanics often use cheap filters and they do not last long at all.

High performance racing vehicles need increased oil flow for their engines. K&N oil filters provide increased oil flow for serious enthusiasts. The oil can travel much faster to cool down and lubricant various engine parts. This oil filter is also equipped with a nut on the end that is easily accessible for quick and painless oil changes.

This oil filter can be used with any oil as well. Synthetic and conventional oils can both be used and will not affect the performance. Most other products require one or the other in order to perform properly. The oil filter also last longer than any other. The quality material that is used does not clog up as fast as others. It continues to perform just like when it was first installed.

Does your car have a canister or cartridge filter? K&N filters offer an oil filter for each of these. Not every vehicle is the same, which is why K&N has made their products so widely available for each specific make and model.

How about making K&N filters the last oil filter you will ever buy? Their washable and reusable oil filter is a one-time expense. K&N oil filters utilize a billet aluminum housing that handle the most extreme abuse. The material is made from stainless steel and traps harmful contaminants just as good as their conventional series. You will never have to buy a replacement oil filter again.

SUVs, trucks and car can all benefit from K&N filters. Heavy duty trucks are used for some intense situations and work much harder than any other vehicle. The oil filter provides better flow in these certain situations. The engine can work more efficient and keep the diesel engine cool.

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