High Quality Dampers Equal High Quality Suspension Performance

KYB developed their line of strut-plus steering dampers to bolster your suspension. The steering system is constantly at work, giving you the ability to maneuver the wheels. Since the wheels are in continuous contact with the road surface, disturbances are unavoidable. Strut-plus steering dampers offer a restorative and reinforcing quality to your entire system. There is more protection against rumbling, delivering a smoother ride, even on rugged terrain. That is also a symbol of this product’s versatility. You can use strut-plus steering dampers on Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks to be better equipped for off-roading adventures.

The frontal driving components control camber as well as host a brunt of your main suspension parts. As soon as one area begins to become worn, the rest follow. KYB steering stabilizers help halt premature wear before it begins. This is most often an issue with large vehicles. The added weight up front takes a toll on the suspension. KYB steering stabilizers feature high density piston rods in addition to metal housing. This design is meant to offer greater stability and strength for heavier drivetrains and bigger wheels. It makes a drastic difference on 4×4 vehicles, especially those accustomed to rocky roadways. KYB steering stabilizers improve multiple aspects of vehicle consistency at once.

One of the words drivers often use in regards to trucks is “shimmy.” This is when the vehicle feels two loose because the tires are not providing adequate grip. Most often, this is the result of worn out steering system shocks. Once this issue is resolved the benefits are quickly noticeable. KYB steering stabilizers increase handling in residential areas because your vehicle can turn tighter. There is more balance. In addition, there is less camber inconsistency when rolling over rocks or other uneven terrain. The steering bushings located on both sides also work to alleviate vibration, which in turn, also creates less noise.

Sizes vary because this is not a universal product. Steering bushings are model-specific, and cannot be used on vehicles they are not intended for. However, you can find them for many of today’s most popular 4x4s and trucks. KYB has steering bushings available for most Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks. They can also be found for select Jeep models.

To underline their level of quality, KYB includes a limited lifetime warranty with each strut-plus stabilizer.

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