High Performing GrimmSpeed Up Pipe Increases Turbo Flow Fast

You can count on a GrimmSpeed up pipe to give your turbo that extra kick you are looking for. Ridding your exhaust system of turbulence and restriction is the quickest way to achieve track-ready performance. With a GrimmSpeed up pipe, your car will be able to display an added boost in both horsepower and torque. It will become evident soon after installation how effective of an upgrade this is. A GrimmSpeed up pipe will demonstrate results immediately, there is no “breaking in” period. Your car will move faster and sound more aggressive. When it comes to performance exhaust parts, this is one most drivers are interested in right away.

There are a couple of steps as to how a GrimmSpeed wastegate up pipe works. Its first responsibility is to open up exhaust restriction. This is accomplished most effectively by detouring exhaust gases before they hit the turbo, which is the main job of the GrimmSpeed up pipe. By giving exhaust a detour, the turbine sees less back pressure. Less pressure means more power and quicker turbo spooling. Depending on how you have your car set up, a GrimmSpeed up pipe can offer an increase between 7 and 15 HP (horsepower). That number can rise considerably if you have other turbo exhaust parts installed with it.

The inner construction of a GrimmSpeed wastegate up pipe is designed to be wider in diameter at the inlet (1.85”) before narrowing slightly to 1.72”. This tapering encourages exhaust flow to find its way into the turbo in a more efficient manner over the OEM tube. One of the key attributes of these Subaru racing pipes is their material. GrimmSpeed uses authentic T-304 stainless steel to withstand both extreme temps and heavy usage along with other parts. Subaru racing pipes also showcase 2mm tubing and a triple layer flex joint, providing enhanced structural soundness that adds years to the part’s usage.

GrimmSpeed is known for their flange design as much as their parts’ performance. All Subaru racing pipes are given 1/2” stainless steel flanges that are CNC-machined before being welded in place. The thickness combined with the precision welds prevents leaks by offering an uncompromising seal. For flanges with a 3-bolt design, the WRX up pipe is compatible with 3-bolt headers. Check vehicle specifications before ordering.

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