High Performance Means Rotors That Match the Output

An essential component to every vehicle is the brakes. Automotive brakes provide stopping power when the vehicle needs to slow down. The factory automotive rotors are not ideal for performance and can wear out quickly. Upgrading to Stoptech rotors will provide both longevity and added stopping power. Brakes & rotors are abused daily from both driving and weather conditions. We would not want any major accidents to occur from improper working brakes. Performance brakes are sometimes needed on specific vehicles.

Adding horsepower to the engine will put an increase wear on the brakes. Trying to stop the vehicle that has more power than factory puts strain on the rotors. Stoptech brake rotors are for both high performance vehicles and factory vehicles. They have products available for street, racing and everyday driving.

The factory rotors just don’t provide enough stopping power. Stoptech replacement rotors are an exact fitment and a nice upgrade to the stock ones. They can be used with the stock pads and calipers as well. Stoptech brake rotors are treated to prevent any corrosion that may occur. Stoptech performance rotors take braking to a new level. They will provide extreme stopping power for enthusiasts with high powered vehicles.

Keeping the Stoptech performance rotors clean will also extend their life. It is a good practice to wash off the rotors after some long driving distances, especially during the winter months where salt plagues the road. Stoptech brakes are the ultimate automotive parts for slowing down your vehicle.

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