Hey – Husky Mats Fit Import Cars, Too

Choose floor liners according to your import's make and model

With the heavy presence of foreign vehicles on the road, a lot of car owners are always looking for import car liners to match their interior. Sometimes when that is the case, the only recourse drivers have is to contact the OEM and see if they have replacement mats for their cars. If they are available, the dealer charges a premium price, even if the liners are not much better than the originals. That is a mistake, because if you are going to pay more to replace your mats, the quality should be vastly improved. It’s okay to breathe out – Husky has your back.

Husky makes car liners that fit all major import automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, Audi, BMW, and Honda. You can choose from a wide selection of protective floor liners in different styles for your car, truck, or SUV. With foreign performance cars, there are occasions where universal mats do not fit correctly. Often, this is because of the way the floor is laid out, especially on the driver’s side. For instance, with cars that have a manual transmission, the left wall of the cabin on the floor near the clutch may curve in or display a steep angle. Or the front passenger seat could have little space in the immediate feet-well but expand to the side near the center. This is more common in German models. Finding liners that fit these odd dimensions isn’t easy sometimes and universal options will only cover a portion of the floor. Husky takes all of the intricacies of your vehicle’s floor into account when they are created. They are molded to fit each angle or curve accurately.

What are you looking for? Choices can be found in various styles for many vehicles, depending on what you need. The series that demonstrate a custom fit are Classic Style, WeatherBeater, and X-ACT Contour. These liners are all made of the same material but offer diverse surfaces. Classic Style liners have a slim surface with a diamond-tread arrangement for grip.WeatherBeater floor liners are meant for tougher defense against moisture and substances like mud and ice. They also feature higher lined walls that come up on the sides of the cabin and against the doorsills. For drivers who want a soft form-fitting liner, X-ACT Contour mats function similarly to the Classic Style liners but with a greater amount of thickness and strategically placed channels to stop substances from running onto the carpet. All Husky liners are made to fit import cars by using laser-scanning and digital rendering of each automobile’s interior floor. This process guarantees that they will fit inside your vehicle more accurately than generic foreign floor mats.

One thing all drivers are concerned with when it comes to replacements is the color. Husky mats come in three primary shades: black, tan, and grey. The reason why they only offer three colors is because black, tan, and grey are the most common for most interiors. Even if an interior is red or blue, these three color options will still match because they are considered neutral. It is not recommended to dye or paint to match an interior perfectly. Husky floor liners have a special non-stick surface that is treated specifically to fend off moisture. Any type of paint, whether it is latex or oil, will compromise the material of the liner and take away its non-stick ability.

Husky has been in business for over two decades producing floor mats for both domestic and foreign vehicles. They also constantly update their inventory to include new models that arrive every year. But the main factor why drivers prefer Husky over OEM mats is because of a more conforming fit. It is important to take proper care of any vehicle. With import accessories being expensive and harder to find, Husky liners are accessible, higher quality, and more affordable.

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