Here’s That Rally Spec Coilover Setup You’ve Been Waiting For

Gravel rally competition is very grueling on the car’s suspension and Ksport delivers with their rally spec GR coilover system. They have designed their springs and shocks to work in conjunction with each other to provide comfort, handling and performance over the gravel surface, which is very uneven. Gravel also has a tendency to kick up and destroy the bottom of the vehicle which is why Ksport makes their coilover kits out of aircraft grade aluminum.

Each shock body is electroplated with a zinc coating which maximizes protection and resist against corrosion that leads to rust. Pavement does not even compare to gravel surface causing the need for gravel-specific coilovers. Ksport adjustable coilovers give the user 36 levels of dampening adjustment which is crucial to accommodating your car with the surface for the best performance.

On the go dampening adjustments can be done as well using the advanced pillowball mounts that Ksport engineers. They work with certain applications and are easily adjusted between the races so owners can minimize time spent on the suspension. Ksport GR coilovers also utilize an adjustable lower mount to make height adjustments extremely easy and can be done within a few minutes.

Ksport also designs them to have a longer stroke, which is ideal for gravel racing since the surface is highly uneven and unpredictable. The rebound adjustment and simultaneous compression rate gives the driver increased feedback in which they can navigate the path that much better. This suspension kit is a must for drivers that do gravel racing and want something that will give them complete control over the entire surface.

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