Here Is a Wrangler Grille Guard You Can Depend On

Recognized for their versatility, Go Rhino wrangler grille guards fit on most trucks and SUVs. They are a front-end addition that do more than look nice or add protection. Go Rhino wrangler grille guards also deliver convenience. A big part of that is due to its one-piece construction. There are no parts to assemble and Go Rhino wrangler grille guards use your factory mounting holes for installation.

Go Rhino uses steel as its main material. Each wrangler grille guard is crafted from mild steel that is treated for all exterior conditions. Inclement weather, rocks, and debris are no match for this quality of steel. Wrangler grille guards are intended to endure every climate and driving surface. Along with the tubing that parades the perimeter of your front, you receive even more security for the center. One of the main features of wrangler grille guards is the center screen. Upon installation, this screen is located directly in front of your truck grille to defend it from rocks, pebbles, and other hazards that may come your way. For truckers with an active driving style, the screen is often why they choose a Wrangler grille guard.

Easier accessibility under the hood is another attribute drivers enjoy. This steel truck grille guard has a patented aluminum step pad. The pad is located at the bottom of the bull bar and runs parallel to the main tubing. What this allows drivers to do is step up on it to access the engine bay. It is as if the steel truck grille guard comes with its own built-in stepping stool. For truck owners with lifted vehicles, the step pad makes routine tasks like oil changes and coolant refilling easy again.

This is not a universal part. Steel truck grille guards are custom-designed for your vehicle’s specific year, make, and model. There are two finishes available – black powder coat and polished steel. Either finish presents a toned and attractive appearance to the front of your vehicle. As for overall durability, this is one of the toughest truck accessories on the market. All Go Rhino grille guards are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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