GrimmSpeed Specializes In Turbo Exhaust Pipes for Serious Drivers

Hardcore turbo enthusiasts use GrimmSpeed exhaust parts to reach a higher level of performance. Particularly, folks who own Subaru, Scion, Mitsubishi, and Mazda sport compacts are often searching for ways to improve the automotive exhaust system. This area of the vehicle is known to hijack horsepower due to constant air restriction. GrimmSpeed exhaust parts are engineered to release this restriction. Once air is given an easier exit route, overall flow is increased and the engine can pump out more horses. Everyone from weekend hobbyists to serious tuners install GrimmSpeed exhaust parts for speedy results.

Cars off the assembly line are usually not intended for racing purposes. However, that is how many sport compact models are used. GrimmSpeed started out as an informal fabrication outfit in Minnesota because they understood the enthusiasm drivers had about these cars when given turbo exhaust pipes. They began to create their own parts and build up their reputation. Eventually, a wide variety of drivers looking for custom performance exhaust pipes started placing orders. A big reason why was the material.

GrimmSpeed uses T-304 stainless steel to construct their turbo exhaust pipes. This allows for not only sturdy construction, but heat management, as well. When exhaust airflow heats up, it takes up more space, playing a large role in straining its distribution. Their turbo exhaust pipes maintain a cooler temp, keeping the air denser, allowing it to move more concisely. Perhaps most importantly is their fitment. It is crucial that turbo exhaust pipes can be installed in close quarters to other parts without presenting clearance issues. Because of this, GrimmSpeed updates their parts to ensure that they fit in conjunction with other components according to both OEM and aftermarket specs.

One of the more popular turbo upgrades is the Grimmspeed downpipe. This is a common aftermarket car part used to take away the OEM catalytic converter(s). The Grimmspeed downpipe is installed in place of the factory cat and tasked with taking away constricted airflow. It is seen as the first point of attack for most racing applications due to the high amount of restriction the converter is responsible for. Grimmspeed downpipes are most prevalent on WRX/STI models due to their racing profile. Check our listings for more info pertaining availability. All Grimmspeed pipes are made in the USA.

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