Going to the Track? Brake with the Bluestuff

Track enthusiasts and owners who like aggressive street driving should look towards EBC Bluestuff. These performance brake pads are great for the track with aftermarket calipers, and have some success on the street when used with factory brake caliper. EBC Bluestuff NDX brake pads have a very strong bite during cold temperatures with the added benefits of bringing the car to a quick stop. EBC Bluestuff pads utilize a V groove design on the surface to increase ventilation while catching debris and dirt.

These brake pads will also last much longer than the EBC yellowstuff pads. Bluestuff NDX pads consist of a harder compound that can withstand high temperatures and constant abuse. Track use can wear down other EBC brake pads, but the EBC blue stuff will bounce back after every session. These pads are also ECE R90 brake safety certified for street use. Having street certified braking components allow the driver to have confidence when sudden stops must be made.

Pad size and caliper drag play important roles in the performance of this pads. A larger EBC blue stuff pad will stop the car quicker and put less wear on itself. Larger calipers are needed for this setup. Multi-piston brake calipers, also known as a big-brake kit, can house a larger pad while cooling down the brakes much quicker. EBC brakes work the best when using both their specific pads combined with their specific rotors. EBC Bluestuff pads can be combined with the USR slotted rotors, GD sports rotors or BSD disc rotors to increase brake performance.

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