Going Custom with Your Driveshaft? Read This First

The Driveshaft Shop has many different performance driveshafts that are vehicle specific. They can also design custom driveshafts according to your exact specifications like measurements and engine torque if you do not see a driveshaft that fits your needs. The Driveshaft Shop can design you a custom driveshaft based on horsepower and torque of the motor, type of transmission, rear ratio, rear tire size and height, top MPH the car will see and weight of the car including the driver.

The Driveshaft Shop driveshafts can be customized from any material you would like including aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and chromoly. Once you give them the specifications of your vehicle, they will build you your customized driveshaft accordingly. Whether you have a brand new car and there is no performance driveshaftavailable, or you need specific torque handling capabilities for your street car, they can do the job.

Using a custom driveshaft will provide your vehicle with power handling capabilities that your OEM driveshaft could not handle. Adding performance auto parts will put extra strain on your current automotive driveshaft and a custom one will be needed. Once you receive your Driveshaft Shop driveshaft, you can install it for a perfect fit and not have any issues.

As with all of their performance driveshafts, The Driveshaft Shop custom driveshafts are balanced to remain sturdy their entire life. They are smoother and quieter at higher speeds, especially if you decide to go with an aluminum driveshaft.

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