Go Rhino 4000 Series Sidesteps Push Convenience for Truck Owners Needing a Leg Up

Truck owners use 4000 series sidesteps to enhance the rugged utility their haulers are capable of. It is an upgrade that offers both convenience and fashion. What makes 4000 series sidesteps useful is the boost they provide. It can grow tiresome stretching your leg in the air to climb aboard your truck, especially if you have a lifted vehicle. Installing 4000 series sidesteps makes it easy for drivers and passengers alike to hop right into the cabin without having to engage in an exercise routine. Quicker, safer access along with sturdy construction is what sets this mod apart.

Comprised of thick .065 steel, Go Rhino nerf bars are intended to display strength that endures through all conditions. This is evident in their composition. Go Rhino nerf bars are shaped into 3″ steel tubing to handle constant usage, boot scrapes, and off-road elements. Of course, the main job of the 3″ side steps is to enact an easy leg up into the cockpit. Each set of Go Rhino nerf bars features a step pad that is molded into the tubing and is extra wide. The pads also demonstrate a non-slip surface for better traction.

You can find Sumatra sidesteps available for most truck models from Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota and GMC. However, they are also available for many SUVs, as well. The Mercedes M-Class, Nissan Xterra, Chevy Tahoe, and Toyota RAV4 can all be outfitted with Sumatra sidesteps. Installation is a bolt-on application for most vehicles with no drilling required. You will receive all of the hardware you need with your order of Sumatra sidesteps and in some cases, re-use your factory bolts. Estimated install time is 30 minutes per Go Rhino 4000 nerf bar.

As for the look, you have three finishes to choose from. Sumatra sidesteps come in black powder coat, classic chrome, and polished steel. The finishes themselves are armed with warranties. Chrome and black powder coat each come with a 5-year warranty while the polished steel Go Rhino step bars are supported by a limited lifetime warranty. One point of emphasis is your treatment of the finish. It is recommended you use a non-abrasive automotive wax on the step bars to protect them. Any kind of polish, soap, or abrasive wax can deteriorate the finish.

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