Go Fast Bits Diverter Valves Take the Pressure Off

Deceptor II Diverter BOV

Properly releasing turbo pressure makes a difference. Turbocharged engines take time to build up boost pressure. And some configurations take longer than others (shocker). This delay causes lag and hesitant throttle response. With a GFB diverter valve, the process is sped up, allowing your turbo to get moving quicker. But there is another advantage, as well. The valve is under your total control. You can customize the venting setting as well as the volume. It is a complete user-friendly package for the turbo enthusiast.

One of the marquee options in the GFB lineup is the Deceptor Pro II. This is a setup that is predicated upon your preferences. At the starting point, it behaves similar to other BOVs. When the Deceptor Pro II is activated it employs pressure signals to open and shut the piston. From there, it vents out the pressurized air to the atmosphere rather than recirculate it back through. You can set the venting point according to your pressure settings and boost. A spring located inside of the Deceptor Pro II is responsible for keeping the piston closed. Springs should be changed to account for vacuum in different models, as well as inconsistencies in altitude.

All of this results in steadier boosting because the air pressure is distributed out with better timing. While that is the main reason drivers install the Deceptor Pro II, it is not the only one. Another key ingredient is volume management. Depending on your system, you may want it louder and more aggressive. This particular Go Fast Bits diverter valve gives you the opportunity to control the tone with a handheld unit. An electric motor powers the mechanism, taking away any tedious adjustment on your part. The Go Fast Bits diverter valve can be set to flutter or “zoom.” Messing around with it will not damage the device. Drivers can dynamically change the settings on the Go Fast Bits diverter valve’s volume every time they use their cars.

For most applications, installation is very simple. The Deceptor diverter BOV comes equipped with wiring hardware and all necessary components. It is intended to be a “plug and play” procedure. Since each GFB BOV can act as a factory replacement, further modification should not be required.

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