Glossy, New Go Rhino Exhaust Tips Let Others Know Your Style

When you lock a Rhino exhaust tip on your ride, you are going for a high performance look. It is an easy customization that is applicable for most vehicles and the results come quickly. Rhino exhaust tips are used on everything from full-size trucks to sporty compacts. They can be the centerpiece to a whole new exterior attitude or play a supplemental role in other modifications. When it comes to Rhino exhaust tips, the choice is yours.

The biggest piece to the puzzle is in the shape. Go Rhino steel exhaust tips are cut on an angle for a sharp appearance. From the back of your vehicle, onlookers will notice it sticking out. For years, this type of addition was intended more for performance cars, but times have changed. Nowadays, angle cut exhaust tips are in view on many different vehicles. Even truck owners who lean towards a more rugged visual install this part to bring up their exterior’s profile.

Stainless steel construction is the hallmark to angle cut exhaust tips. The use of steel means you will not have to worry about rusting or corrosion. Angle cut exhaust tips are built to last through all weather and driving conditions. The clinching factor is in their finish. Each Go Rhino steel exhaust tip is finished with chrome-plating for a custom shine. It also will not fade or dull due to constant exposure to heat and the elements. Also, this is not a performance part. Drivers may notice a slight edge in sound coming from the rear, but it is not designated as a performance aftermarket exhaust part and thus, is not against any state or local emissions guidelines.

You do not have a lengthy installation process awaiting your Go Rhino steel exhaust tip. It is a universal part that is available in various custom diameters for different size requirements. Each chrome exhaust tip comes wrapped with a Torca DuraSeal clamp, making installation a lock on procedure. The clamping will not relent regardless of driving style or surface. In fact, each Go Rhino car exhaust tip comes backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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