Give Those Leaf Springs Some Extra Help

Automotive leaf springs provide the same function as coil springs, but are designed completely different. Just like any other suspension component, leaf spring bushings are needed to prevent metal to metal contact and a rough ride. These automotive springs connect the front of the suspension to the back of the suspension to maintain a comfortable ride and are found on cars, trucks and SUVs. Energy Suspension leaf spring bushings replace your soft and worn factory ones to provide a better ride quality along with increased strength.

Vehicles that come from the factory are not equipped with polyurethane bushings, so the ride is going to be soft and sometimes sloppy. Energy Suspension bushings prevent body roll throughout each turn and on uneven surfaces. They are great for either high performance applications where stability is needed or adding durability to your daily driver.

The vehicle will also maintain control during quick start accelerations. Upgrading your leaf spring bushings will prevent the body from shifting and causing uneven tire wear. These suspension bushings can be the number one culprit to why you keep replacing your tires so fast.

Along with rusted nuts and bolts, leaf spring bushings are one of the first components that salt, dirt and water come into contact with. The harmful chemicals reduce the performance of your factory bushings and you will then notice a very sloppy ride. Polyurethane leaf spring bushings last much longer than rubber ones and will not corrode from the same chemicals.

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