Getting Your Caliper Covers Engraved Is Custom On Another Level

People seem to notice engraved caliper covers. Especially on cars with upgraded wheels,  it’s just something that stands out. It has also become a popular way to express a personal message on an area of the car that is usually bare. It is an effect that is available for a wide range of vehicles.

In the past, engraved caliper covers were exclusive mainly to custom shops and import drivers who would fabricate the part on their own. But times have changed and now it is an accessory many have become fans of. No longer is it just the hardcore racers, weekend warriors, and car show fanatics. “Everyday” people enjoy this customization as much as anyone and if you need any proof, take a walk around your local shopping mall’s parking lot and check it out for yourself.

As long as your model was manufactured by one of the globe’s foremost automakers, your car is eligible. MGP caliper covers can be engraved with the names of everybody from Audi to Volkswagen. For certain vehicles that are well-known throughout the automotive landscape you can get even more specific. There are caliper covers engraved with model names like Corvette, Mustang, and Silverado. Drivers who are devoted to their car or truck enjoy finding items that depict its name. It adds a personalized element that others pay attention to. This is one of the most popular options MGP caliper covers are available with.

If you want to set your vehicle even further apart from the masses, you can. MGP caliper covers can be engraved with the phrase or name of your choice. If you have a nickname for your car, this is a unique way to display it. You can upload a file of a phrase or image to MGP and they will replicate it on a set of custom caliper guards just for you! There are not many automotive accessories that offer this level of individual expression.

Motorists of all types use custom caliper guards. Originally, they were mostly witnessed on drag race models or drifters. But as the years have gone by, more and more drivers find installing custom caliper guards is an easy way to personalize their vehicle. It is a quick upgrade and also one that is more than just visually appealing. MGP caliper shields also deliver a layer of protection that keeps the area looking sharp through all braking conditions.

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