Getting to Know Pilot Automotive

Originally started as Wang’s International in 1983, Pilot Automotive has been supplying consumers with high quality automotive accessories for 30 years. Wang’s International started off as a small seller of niche vehicle accessories. As their business expanded, they decided that they needed to make additional brands that function independently. Pilot Automotive itself was created in 1996 as a brand that focused mainly on DIY products and has grown considerably over the years. The company started off in one room with 1 employee and has now grown to 5 separate distribution centers with over 100 employees.

Today, Pilot Automotive has many other brands that fit the various needs of the consumers. American Products Company (APC) was purchased in 2006 to allow Pilot to sell more automotive accessories since APC is an iconic name in that industry. They also purchased Vehicle Performance Systems (VPS) since they needed to branch out into the OEM division of the automotive industry. In 2007 they added DC Sports due to increased demand for accessories that focus on performance. Bully was added to better assist customers who own trucks since there was a great demand for truck accessories. Nitrode spark plugs and Apex were added to help customers get the best spark plugs and fuel pumps for their vehicles. Pilot Automotive also has In-Tire Seal which is a patented liquid that is added to the interior of your tires and prevents them from getting punctured from road debris.

Pilot Automotive offers only the finest products and they stand behind them fully. Their goal has been providing high quality products at fair products and their success is testament to that. High levels of customer satisfaction and fitting the needs of every customer are also very important to Pilot Automotive. Regardless of the product that you purchase, you can rest easy knowing that Pilot Automotive cares about your buying experience.

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