Getting to Know MGP

Throughout the automotive community, MGP caliper covers are known as a commonly applied upgrade for performance vehicles. Once exclusive to demo cars at auto shows and high-profile racing models, this customization has become used by many kinds of drivers. MGP caliper covers are often found installed on residential vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. One of their most desired attributes, aside from color, is their level of durability.

MGP is the industry’s leading manufacturer of custom caliper covers. They are a product used for many types of vehicles. One of the biggest reasons for this is due to automaker brand names. MGP acquired licensing from most major auto companies for use on custom caliper covers. This has given the brand the ability to create products engraved with both automaker and model names. Many drivers who are interested in custom caliper covers want their set to further advertise their model and express enthusiasm about it.

Custom orders comprise a significant percentage of MGP’s customer base. Many drivers want to put their own color or text on their brake caliper guards. A lot of car owners have two or more colors on their vehicles’ exteriors. Ordering brake caliper guards painted to match areas such as door trim or racing stripes is a popular option. It is also very easy to do. If this is the option you choose, you will be asked to provide the company with the exact automotive color code. From there, MGP will paint your set of custom caliper covers with any color you wish.

Another route drivers may take is having text engraved in. If you have a nickname for your car or own a racing model, you can have a phrase or car number engraved into your brake caliper guards. You can even select an image to be used instead of text. All you will have to do is send MGP the image file and they will put it on your brake dust shields.

To present a conducive material in line with your automotive brake parts, MGP caliper guards are made of 6061-T6 aluminum. It is a substance that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to overheating. There is also less need to worry about brake dust and sediment. MGP caliper covers block dust and debris from causing long-term damage to the area.

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