Get the Whole Package a Rotated Turbo Kit Is Responsible For

A major increase in horsepower is what a WRX rotated turbo kit offers. Adding onto your car’s stock performance capability is often a work in progress, especially if you are collecting parts one at a time. Going with a WRX rotated turbo kit is a big step towards achieving maximum potential. There are different options for you to choose from. You can select a full WRX rotated turbo kit that includes a Garrett GT series turbocharger, a Perrin cold air intake, and wastegate. Or you can just grab specific parts such as the downpipe and up pipe. It depends on what your needs are. All WRX STI turbo kits include hardware and instructions for each individual piece.

The preferred choice of drivers looking for everything in one package is a rotational turbo kit. This title refers to both installation and contents. When it is time to install the part(s), you will notice a very tight fit inside the engine compartment. The WRX STI turbo kit has a turbocharger that can be rotated on an angle. This allows you to fit in the performance exhaust pipes and components.

The ultimate goal is unlocking more horsepower and torque through a larger turbo and improved exhaust system. A WRX STI turbo kit includes a Garrett dual ball bearing turbo. The turbocharger that comes with your setup should be matched to your car’s Boxer engine specifications. GTX3582R Perrin Subaru turbo kits offer as much as 600 WHP; GT3076R packages offer about up to 450 WHP. Following installation, a tune will be necessary. Do not attempt to operate your vehicle before tuning, as it can lead to improper boosting and/or catastrophic engine failure. Note: Driving a motor vehicle after installing a Perrin Subaru turbo kit is illegal on public roadways in most state jurisdictions.

Only high quality materials are used. T-304 stainless steel is employed for both the downpipe and uppipe and their flanges. Intakes include silicone hosing and high-flow foam filters.

You do not have to worry about putting it all together. Perrin Subaru turbo kits are pre-assembled to make installation easier. Perrin also does this to make certain that the turbo is positioned properly and all other parts are connected correctly. If you require assistance installing your WRX STI turbo kit, please consult a professional shop before proceeding.

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