Get Some Inside Info As to How Energy Bushings Support Your Car’s Performance

Energy Suspension creates and produces performance bushings for the automotive industry in which anyone can outfit their entire vehicle with their polyurethane bushings. Automotive bushings are found all over your vehicle including motor mount bushings, sway bar bushings, suspension bushings, axle bushings and other areas of the car. Bushings are found in pivot points and moving arms of each automobile and they are what make the ride soft or stiff, depending on the vehicle. Energy suspension produces all of their bushings from polyurethane which are superior to rubber bushings.

Suspension bushings act like cartilage for your vehicle. They prevent two metal parts from grinding together and allow them to work in conjunction with each other. Energy Suspension bushings are made for vehicles like sports compact, trucks, domestics and universal applications. Their polyurethane bushings are better than the rubber ones because they last longer and provide a better ride. Rubber bushings will corrode fast and start to crack from cold temperatures. Energy Suspension bushings will never crack and allow your suspension components to last longer as well.

Energy Suspension bushings work much better than rubber motor mounts also because they give the engine more stability and prevent it from shifting at high speeds and hard shifts. Motor mounts need to handle the torque and power put out from the engine and rubber motor mounts are not meant for high performance vehicles. Energy Suspension bushings are the only polyurethane motor mounts that will keep your engine safe and allow you to maintain proper shifts. Engine vibration puts extreme wear on your factory rubber motor mounts and will also slow down your vehicle.

When you upgrade to Energy Suspension parts, you will notice less vibration, less noise and they do not need to be lubricated as much as the rubber type. Energy Suspension bushings will make your ride much smoother and going over bumps and around turns will not be a struggle like it used to. The stability that Energy Suspension bushings provide is not like anything else.

Energy Suspension bushing are not as flexible as rubber bushings so they minimize the wear and tear put on various suspension components like your tires and control arms. Your alignment can be off which means you will have increased tire wear and an uneven ride. Uneven tire wear is dangerous especially in inclement weather like snow and rain. Energy Suspension parts will make your ride much safer and give you confidence behind the wheel.

Although most of Energy Suspension bushings are not seen, they still offer two colors which are red and black. Each color offers the same characteristics for your vehicle but just in a different color. If enthusiasts are really picky about what colors they want, than this is very accommodating.

Energy Suspension bushings are designed for both every day driving and high performance vehicles. They are not too stiff for vehicles that commute or just do around town driving. However, they are stiffer than rubber bushings that will greatly benefit high performance vehicles that need a solid suspension setup. Energy Suspension is a company that has perfect their product and every vehicle should benefit from them.

If your vehicle does not have suspension bushings, you would not be able to operate it. Energy Suspension bushings are need to link various components together, otherwise there would be metal on metal contact, which not one person could deal with. Driving with Energy Suspension bushings makes the ride very enjoyable and spirited. Those long vacation trips will be much more enjoyable and the bushings will respond on every surface.

Energy Suspension bushings will turn an old car back into a new car if you were to replace every bushing on the vehicle. Older vehicles that have many years and miles on them will have worn-out rubber bushings that are most likely cracked and making your ride sloppy. You could easily change the way it rides by upgrading to polyurethane bushings from Energy Suspension. This will also help out other suspension components like your shocks and springs from shifting and causing the vehicle to be out of alignment.

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