Get Mud Flaps Designed Just for Your BRZ

Finding top quality BRZ splash guards that make a difference is easy with Rally Armor. Around since 2003, Rally Armor provides several options for BRZ owners that promise the kind of defense and fitment drivers are looking for. The key is in the design. In order to achieve complete accuracy, RA manufactures their BRZ splash guards according to the exact measurements of each model year they have available. That means a direct fit, including proper adherence to the lining of the wheel well and improved overall coverage. The bottom line is, you can depend on their BRZ splash guards to deliver stout defense with the finish to match.

The first order of business is the selection. Subaru BRZ mud flaps come in three main styles: UR, Classic, and Basic. The premise of the UR series is based on the material. These Subaru BRZ mud flaps are made of urethane. Their main trait is that they are flexible and light. Urethane also maintains the same level of pliability despite extreme changes in temperature. Classics differ in material. Similar to most other Subaru BRZ mud flaps, the classic series are comprised of stiff plastic polymer. They are very tough against rocks and debris. And like UR Subaru BRZ mud flaps, they are intended for a vehicle-specific fitment.

On the flip side is the Basic series. What makes these different more than anything is that they are universal. You can use these Rally Armor BRZ mud guards on any model year and they will fit correctly. You may need to make minor adjustments at installation. For instance, it is necessary to drill into the Rally Armor BRZ mud guards because the holes are not pre-set. But it is easy to do. You will not have to drill into the sheet metal of the car. All it takes is putting several holes into the Rally Armor BRZ mud guards and screwing them in.

As for the finish, UR series arrive shiny. After a while though, the BRZ flaps lose the gleam and take on a more matte surface. That is on purpose. When brand-new, urethane shines. It tapers off gradually. As for both the classic and basic Subaru curb guards, both have a natural rubberized finish that is made more fashionable after placing on the Rally Armor decals.

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