Get a Leg Up On Your Truck

Truck owners use Smittybilt nerf steps to make climbing in the cab a hassle-free experience.

For those who drive a full-size or lifted pickup truck, stepping up to the doorsill can become a pain after a while. What Smittybilt nerf steps are designed to do is offer a comfortable alternative to constantly having to stretch your leg to get in your truck. Thanks to their four-step drop placement, even drivers who are on the short side have no trouble hopping into the cabin with Smittybilt nerf steps. And since they are manufactured from high-grade materials and have a cleated step plate, these truck side steps can handle even the roughest customers.

The location where Smittybilt nerf bars are placed is why they have to be so tough. Most exterior aftermarket truck parts need to be strong, given the nature of work a truck usually sees. Pickup truck nerf bars install on both sides of a truck underneath the doors. They are built to be stepped on and roughed up. That is why durability is especially crucial when it comes to truck running boards. Smittybilt uses 304-grade stainless steel to construct their line of N-Fab nerf steps instead of other materials, such as aluminum. Crafted from 3″ tubing, Smittybilt nerf bars display unyielding strength and resistance to the elements. For most truck model applications, Smittybilt nerf bars present a 445 lb. weight rating, which leads the industry.

There is no assembly required to install Smittybilt pickup truck nerf bars. They are a one-piece design that extends from the front of the truck to the back. This is different than other pickup truck nerf bars, which only offer a step for the driver’s side and passenger front doors. Because they are a single piece, installation can be a DIY procedure, with only minor drilling necessary.

Unlike many automotive products, Smittybilt nerf bars are not a universal part. They are vehicle-specific and available for many trucks including the Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, and Toyota Tacoma. There are also different finishes to choose from, such as gloss black, textured black, and of course, stainless steel.

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