Get a Handle On All That Torque With a Billet Flywheel That Does It All

Pairing a Spec billet steel flywheel with your Spec clutch kit will allow it to perform much better while handling your engine’s torque better as well. You can also use the Spec steel flywheel if you need a replacement flywheel since it is much stronger than any OEM flywheel. It is designed for both performance and safety so you can shift with confidence knowing it is SFI certified, which allows you to use it at the track.

Rather than resurface your current flywheel, purchasing a new one will make your dollars last longer. Also, when you resurface it, the part becomes a bit weaker since the surface was shaved down. The Spec flywheel can handle loads of torque, whereas the resurfaced flywheel has a torque limit and most factory flywheels are not designed to be used with an aftermarket performance clutch.

Since your engine’s flywheel is a crucial part of how the clutch performs, you have to be sure it is a quality component. A weak automotive flywheel will not be able to handle the performance clutch and eventually need replacing. The Spec steel flywheel can handle any performance clutch kit and is machined to a .001 tolerance, while other brands use a .01 tolerance.

Each Spec flywheel is different for every vehicle and not an all-around universal part. Their performance flywheels are good for street racing, drag racing, pulling and autocross. Your Spec clutch will also sit properly with the new flywheel since they are designed to work perfect with each other.

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