Front and Rear Brake Differences

Automotive brakes & rotors are not all the same. The front brakes are larger on every vehicle than the rear brakes. This is because most of the braking is done by the front brakes. It does not make sense to use the rear brakes as the main stopping power, since all of the weight is in front of the rear brakes. EBC brakes and EBC brake pads are all vehicle-specific and are specific for the front or the rear. Rear brake components will never work on front brake components.

Front brake rotors, front brake calipers and front brake pads are all bigger than rear brake components. The front brakes also experience a lot more brake dust than the rears. Your front brake pads or front brake rotors will also need to be serviced earlier. The rear EBC brake pads and rear EBC brake rotors or drums have a longer life and will sometimes last twice as long.

Front brakes and rear brakes also differ in the type of rotor that is uses. Fronts brakes always utilize brake discs, while the rears will sometimes utilize brake drums. Brake discs can handle the increased heat and will not experience brake fade like brake drums would. The rear brake drums do not need to work as hard and will suffice. The rear brake drums also utilize EBC brake shoes instead of performance brake pads. They essentially work just like EBC brake pads, but with a different design.

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