Forget Stock Levels, Forged Pistons Pack More Punch

You may be wondering what kind of benefits there are from having forged pistons in your engine. The most important one is that you will be able to modify your engine to make more power while still keeping it reliable. JE Pistons are a great choice if you want to make more power.

The difference between forged pistons and cast pistons is the manufacturing process. Cast pistons are made in a mold with various metals depending on the manufacturer while forged pistons are stamped out of a single lump of metal. Forged pistons are much stronger and easier to make than cast pistons due to their specialized manufacturing process. However, cast pistons are still perfectly adequate for most vehicles that are at stock or close to stock power levels. There is no difference in reliability between the two at stock levels. Cast pistons are much less expensive than forged pistons since they are mass produced by OEMs; forged pistons are made on a custom basis which makes them more expensive. As expected, JE Pistons are custom made to fit your vehicle. Regardless, you should ask your engine builder if you would benefit from forged pistons.

If you have a modified turbocharged engine, JE Pistons are an excellent addition. Turbocharged engines put a lot of stress on the engine components. JE Pistons are more shatter resistant than others and allow you to make more power reliably. This makes JE Pistons ideal for your turbocharged engine. High Compression engines also put significant stress on the automotive pistons. Upgrading with JE Pistons would also show a significant benefit when modifying it. Adding more power while keeping your engine reliable does not need to be a difficult task, as long as you use JE Pistons in your build.

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