For The Track: Tein Racing Springs Are Made for Competition

TEIN Racing Springs are the ideal springs for vehicles that are in competitive driving. Whether it be a simple Autocross event or even a track day or a drift event, having a lighter car is important. Weight is an issue that all automotive enthusiasts face and this product helps reduce some of that.

These linear rate springs were developed specifically for racing due to their light weight. They utilize a unique coil design which reduces the overall weight of the spring. TEIN designed them with a flat top and bottom so that they fit into existing coilovers with no problems. They also come in various spring sizes and diameters which allow them to be put on a wide variety of cars. A higher load spring is also available for cars that require that.

TEIN products are all high quality and are produced in Japan. To back this up, TEIN gives all of their products a 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty. This product also uses several other technologies to increase durability. While they are lightweight, they are made with a tensile strength material which is very durable. They are also powder coated green which both gives it that classic TEIN look and corrosion resistance.

This product is also quite easy to install. They are fully compatible with coilovers and it is a simple spring swap in order to install them. Only a few tools are required to put them on. It can definitely be done as a DIY job or it can be done very quickly by a professional mechanic. TEIN also made this product to be very affordable considering the importance of it. While it requires a coilover to put it on, TEIN Racing Springs are a very affordable upgrade to your vehicle.

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