Flexible Floor Liners Do the Job Right

Husky liners have a flexible element that allows for more protection and resilience in extreme temps

Each floor mat from Husky is made from extremely flexible and durable rubberized materials. They are made this way so they can last extremely long and be flexible enough to contour to your floorboards. They also last much longer this way and can take abuse without cracking or breaking. Isn’t that nice? To be able to depend on the surface beneath your feet without having to worry it’s going to chip or crack just because the temperature dipped twenty degrees? And it goes for the brand’s entire product line. The rubberized material is used in every one of their products so no matter which style you go with, Husky Liners are bendable and reliable.

Husky Liners Weatherbeater series, Classic style, and X-act contour mats are all designed with their special rubberized material to maintain pliability throughout the seasons. When the cold months arrive, Husky car floor mats will remain soft and not become hard and brittle from below zero temperatures. The same can be said for the hot summer months in which regular mats have tendency to become a little too soft and bendy.

They also make a great surface for laying valuables on like glasses and dishes. The soft surface can protect just about anything while you are driving so the objects do not break if they fall over. The unique grooves that each liner comes with will also prevent items from sliding around. Using the Husky cargo liner allows you to set objects down in the trunk area without the stress of them trampling to the floor and breaking.

Flexibility is also consistent with their heavy duty floor mats that are of universal fitment. Being pliable allows them to contour to any vehicle they are used in since there is no custom-fit.  So what have we learned? High-quality rubber composition = good. Cheap rubber compounds = bad. Drivers need flooring that can kind of conform to their approach. They also need defense that stands the test of time. With Husky, both are on the table.

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