Flare Up Those Fenders Easily With Lund

Throwing on a set of EX fender flares puts a spotlight on your truck’s wheels. They enact a frame around the wheel wells that curve over with a greater surface area. The effect is advantageous for both the look and the level of protection. A wider section is covered, promoting a more rugged visual. EX fender flares work best with large wheels, which is why they are a common addition for many full-size truck owners. From thundering through the mud on an off-roading excursion to everyday travels, your wheels will pop with more style. EX fender flares fit most of today’s top 4×4 truck models.

The primary trait is the width. Extra wide fender flares offer an extra 4”- 6” more width than other flares. The additional coverage plays two roles. It means a larger area of defense against rocks, mud and debris. Also, it is what makes extra wide fender flares a more aggressive customization. Simply put, they get noticed. Extra wide fender flares come in either a textured or smooth black finish. You can leave the black on for a sleek contrast. However, you can paint the extra wide fender flares to match your truck’s body color. Whichever you choose, the result is the same: your truck stands out in a crowd once outfitted with extra wide fender flares.

You can count on the toughness. Lund aftermarket truck fender flares are made from tri-flex thermoplastic. This material is important, given the area in which they are installed. It is a UV-resistant substance that is also extremely durable. Aftermarket truck fender flares will not crack, fracture, or easily scuff due to contact. Just as crucial, they will not fade. Even if you live in a sunny climate, you will not have to worry about the aftermarket truck fender flares gradually losing their color.

Even if you are not a mechanic, installation should not be a problem. Lund EX extra wide fender flares do not require any drilling. All it takes is setting them in place and using a screwdriver. Hardware and instructions are included.

You cannot order for just one side of the truck. Lund custom fender flares are sold in sets of four.

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