Finally, Some Fender Trim That Installs Without a Headache

Giving the body of your truck a set of SX fender flares is a quick way to bolster its presence. The wheel wells are one area of the vehicle that sees a lot of action. They are exposed to kickup, mud, and other roadside elements. SX fender flares are designed to protect the wheel wells and trim, maintaining a fresh look. You do not have to own a truck in order to take advantage of this modification. SX fender flares are available for SUVS and Jeeps, as well. Any large vehicle that has a tendency to get dirty will benefit from the added level of defense.

Exterior truck parts by and large, have to be tough. Even for “luxury” truck models such as the GMC Sierra, the material that aftermarket fender flares are made of is important. Material plays a large role not only because of durability, but also in how the part blends in with the body. Sport style fender flares are crafted from ABS thermoplastic. This is a substance that presents a very firm yet pliable quality. The pliability helps with certain situations. If the aftermarket fender flares are too rigid they can crack on impact. The ABS thermoplastic adds just enough flex to handle contact. It is also what makes the sport style fender flares resistant to all types of extreme weather.

Often, a primary reason someone may purchase a set of Lund fender trim is for style. Depending on the vehicle, this can actually make a big difference. Full size trucks typically showcase larger wheel wells. Throwing on aftermarket fender flares can help improve the area. The tires no longer appear lonesome. You can even compliment the trim. Aftermarket fender flares either provide a nice contrast to your truck’s exterior scheme or you can paint them to match the OEM color.

Another nice feature is their convenience. You do not have to be an auto body expert to install sport style fender flares. There is no drilling or cutting into the body required. You will use the OEM mounting holes and the included clips to fit the wheel well flares in place. The entire installation process can take as little as 5 minutes per wheel (Lund SX sport style flares are sold in sets of 2 and 4).

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