Finally, an LCA That Doesn’t Reduce Performance on Lowered Rides

Adjustments are always necessary when you lower a car, especially if it is extremely lowered. Various suspension parts can and will be affected like the lower control arms, which is why Ksport designs theirs as factory replacements. Ksport makes them for select vehicles that allow even further tuning and adjustments over the factory ones and allows the wheels to clear various suspension components and rubbing issues between the tire and the fender.

The factory LCAs do not offer the adjustability that Ksport control arms do and are an absolutely necessity when you lower your car with Ksport coilovers or lowering springs. Being made from aircraft quality aluminum, they are also stronger and even 30% lighter than factory. You can bet that these suspension control arms will withstand anything from bumps and road debris to even nicking a curb with your tire. Using these products from Ksport will retain the factory suspension geometry so all parts remain in perfect working conditions and you can lower the vehicle as much as you want.

Ksport designs them a little different than your factory one so it can give the suspension more adjustments. The lower control arms attach to other suspension components like the end links and sway bar to keep everything working as a unit. Ksport uses quality bushings as well that are recessed to eliminate dust build up while lasting an extremely long time. Their orange color will also stand out and let drivers behind you know what you are working with. Ksport is not just another suspension company, but rather a company that excels in suspension products built to last.

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