Fidanza Has a History of High Performance Success

There are thousands of automotive performance parts offered by so many companies. Choosing a specific part means you liked what the product offers, heard great reviews or are loyal to that specific company. Fidanza performance parts offer a wide array of aftermarket products that will enhance any vehicle. Fidanza flywheel, adjustable cam gears and the V-series performance clutches have proven themselves to add quality and performance to every application.

The company started off creating flywheels. The Fidanza flywheel took off after a Jaguar won the 1980 SCCA National Championship. It blew the doors off the other vehicles that were in the race. These weren’t your average race cars. They were high performance, brand new Nissans. The Fidanza flywheel was then wanted by nearly every racing team in the industry. This would be the beginning of such a great and successful company. Most of their products are geared towards performance racing, but have since created parts for all types of vehicles.

Based off the success of the Fidanza flywheel, the company wanted to offer more than that. They realized the market was looking for more products. With the latest technology, technical support and customer service, they now offer adjustable cam gears and performance clutches. Fidanza performance parts are designed to serve and support the aftermarket community. There is no better company that does it. Their parts are very unique and unlike any other.

An aluminum flywheel is a widely used product. The Fidanza flywheel is not only aluminum, but it is 40% to 60% lighter than the factory one. This causes the power to be used somewhere else. The factory flywheel is very heavy and takes massive power to move it. With the Fidanza flywheel, less power is needed since it is so lightweight. Any Fidanza flywheel will put less wear and stress on the engine and will make for faster and smoother shifting.

Cam gears & clutches are a typical upgrade along with a Fidanza flywheel. Fidanza performance parts are machined to exact specifications. Their products are an exact replacement for any factory part. Cam gears from Fidanza performance parts have 12 degrees of adjustment. This is better than any other product on the market. They reduce belt wear and are lightweight. Adjustments are made easy on their cam gears as well. Unlike others, the part has notches that are easily seen by the user. These notches make for easy tuning.

The performance clutches they offer work very well with the Fidanza flywheel. The Qwik-Rev kit includes both and all the necessary tools needed for the install. This is unlike any other company on the market. Both the clutch and flywheel are designed to work with each other and takes the trouble out of the consumer. They are made for each specific vehicle and provide faster acceleration, quicker throttle response, better braking, and better clutch efficiency. The Fidanza flywheel may not work with your existing clutch disc and this kit will solve that problem.

The great quality about the Fidanza flywheel is its ability to be used over and over again. Most flywheels need to be either resurfaced or tossed in the garbage. Resurfacing a flywheel is detrimental to its use. The plate becomes thinner and less powerful. The Fidanza offers a flywheel replaceable insert. The old plate is replaced with a new one from the company. This plate from Fidanza performance parts is inexpensive compared to a new flywheel. It is easily installed and new bolts are supplied as well.

Other companies lack this unique quality. Fidanza performance parts back up each and every single product they sell. Every order is custom made and they do not have any selling stock. This means that when an order is placed, a Fidanza flywheel or clutch kit is put together immediately and ships it out. Errors and mistakes are avoided this way. Even better, Fidanza performance parts are made in the United States. Supporting such a great company by using domestic parts is the way to go.

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