Extra Strength Is What 3000 Series Stepguards Are Designed For

With the steel 3000 series stepguard, strength is a main focus. The front of any truck or SUV is subjected to a lot of hassles. Rocks, debris, and leaves can all leave their mark. Mounted to the face of your vehicle, the sturdiness of the 3000 series stepguard works to keep your entire front-end free from harm’s way. Combining headlight protection with improved defense for the grille, you can travel on any terrain without worrying about potential damage. If you like off-roading, the 3000 series stepguard can do that, too. It is pre-drilled to host fog lights without them obscuring your vision from the windshield.

The uprights are padded with rubber to absorb contact without scratching or denting. If you should encounter an object that meets the front of your Go Rhino stepguard, not only will it push it away, but it also will not cause minor damage. Another main feature is the step pad. Located under the truck brush guard, the step pad is stamped in and is not a singular, unattached piece. You can hop up on the Go Rhino stepguard to quickly access your hood and the pad will hold you up so you can get to work.

The headlight protectors are removable. You can install the Go Rhino stepguard without them or take them off at a later time. For certain applications, you can go with protection for the center only. This part is a Rhino 3000 grille guard without headlight shields and enacts a layer of defense that covers only the center of the vehicle.

It is not a universal accessory. Each Go Rhino stepguard is made to fit a specific year, make, and model. However, it is available for most large vehicles. Everything from a Silverado to an FJ Cruiser can be outfitted with a Rhino 3000 grille guard. Finishes come in either black or chrome. All steel front guards come with a 5-year warranty.

As for installation, there is no drilling or cutting necessary. To make it easy, Rhino 3000 grille guards come with everything you need. There is light assembly required for the headlight protectors, but most drivers can handle it inside of an hour. Installation calls for mounting the custom grille guard to the front using the included bracketing hardware.

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