Expertly Crafted GrimmSpeed Subaru Downpipe releases restricted exhaust, improves HP

Unlocking massive airflow is what GrimmSpeed Subaru downpipes are designed for. Liberating exhaust restraint is often the first priority for performance drivers. With a GrimmSpeed Subaru downpipe, freeing up tangled exhaust flow is both easy and efficient. That is due to how GrimmSpeed operates. Formerly a small fabrication outfit, the company began creating aftermarket exhaust parts based on their own experiences. They understand the complexities of the OEM setup and are now armed with the latest automotive technological tools to render consistent, standout results. That is why racers from across the globe trust GrimmSpeed Subaru downpipes before any other.

OEM tubing hosts catalytic converters, which are tasked with filtering exhaust gases for lower emissions. However, they are very restrictive to exhaust flow. A Grimmspeed WRX downpipe changes out the original cats in favor of a more conducive route for exhaust to travel through. This is also aided by the flanges. Grimmspeed WRX downpipes feature 3D-designed flanges that are flat, thick, and angled with precision. The seal is extra tight and fits every bit as accurately as the OEM part. For added width, Grimmspeed WRX downpipes are crafted with 3” diameter tubing. Wider tubes give exhaust more room to travel without being choked in transition.

What separates this part from many competitors is its construction. Many custom car exhaust components are robotically welded. Every Grimmspeed WRX downpipe is welded by hand according to each specific application. There are two main advantages to hand-welding. First, it ensures that any adjustments to the Subaru downpipe that need to be made for specificity can be applied quickly. Secondly, welding by hand guarantees structural integrity at each welding point. There is no inconsistency. The Subaru downpipe will present the same level of strength at each bend and flange.

For most applications there are two finish options. Your Subaru downpipe can come in its natural steel finish or given a black ceramic coating. While the black ceramic coating does present a custom appearance, it also serves a purpose. Ceramic coated turbo exhaust pipes produce less external heat in relation to nearby components while retaining heat inside, helping move exhaust gases out effectively. It is not necessary, but could be beneficial for drivers with multiple aftermarket pipes.

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