Expertly crafted GrimmSpeed Crossover Pipe makes Subaru turbo setups complete

Locking in a new GrimmSpeed crossover pipe is often the finishing touch to a complete exhaust. After you have installed a downpipe and upgraded the manifold there is still something missing from your Subaru turbo setup. That is because the OEM pipe is small and underperforms. Replacing it with a GrimmSpeed crossover pipe releases pent-up exhaust that is being held back. Your car may have been hitting better lap times with other modifications but adding this on takes it to a new level. Better pop coming out of shifts and reduced lag when cruising are the goal of every serious car owner. A GrimmSpeed crossover pipe makes it happen by installing one simple part.

Exhaust flow needs constant movement. If it is being restricted through the headers then your car is likely experiencing delays at mid-range. A Subaru crossover pipe takes care of this by offering a smoother route for airflow. Where this happens is at the headers. Once in place, a Subaru crossover pipe mates both the right and left headers coming from the manifold. Exhaust moves through with greater frequency rather than being held back by the narrow factory tubing. What the Subaru crossover pipe does is enact freer airflow distribution from the headers.

However, it is not a dynamic upgrade. Drivers looking for a huge difference in power from a Subaru crossover pipe will not see it. Without any other mods supporting it a reasonable expectation would be 5-8 extra horsepower. But if you were to use a WRX performance crosspipe with other add-ons the results are more dramatic. For instance, in conjunction with a GrimmSpeed exhaust manifold, numbers as high as 20 HP have been reported.

GrimmSpeed makes all of their WRX performance crosspipes from stainless steel. The tubing and flanges are constructed of T-304 steel and then mandrel-bent for proper shape. The interwoven liner is made of 321 stainless, which is accommodating of heat expansion. You can order your WRX performance crosspipe with a ceramic coating. The ceramic paint is employed to offer heat retention inside the tubing as well as less radiance on the outside. GrimmSpeed tries to make installation simple. All manifold exhaust pipes come with step-by-step instructions and hardware.

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