Every Unity Suspension Kit includes Car Suspension Struts that fit your OEM specifications

There are several advantages a Unity suspension kit can offer. A full complement of parts in a compact unit, high quality, and a faster installation are the main reasons why drivers choose one. When you have properly diagnosed the suspension in your vehicle eligible for replacement, accessing the OEM parts can be a tedious process. Often, you have to go through a dealer even if you know where to get the parts. On top of that, you will be required to engage in what could be a lengthy installation. The goal of a Unity suspension kit is to take out the nuisance of seeking OEM shocks or struts and giving you an easier installation process.

The more you notice a bumpy ride and loud noise every time you go over an abrasive road surface, the more you may be convinced the suspension is in trouble. Many times, this could be the suspension springs. Once the springs become compromised it can lead to the car turning inconsistently and shaking. With a full strut assembly from Unity, you will not have to put together your kit. Everything is provided for you already assembled, saving you time and money. Each Unity suspension kit comes complete with the spring, isolators, bearing plate, dust boot, and piston. All that is required of you is the install.

One of the biggest traits at your disposal is the steel spring already set up. Compressing and decompressing the spring when installing car suspension struts is considered to be the most difficult part. It is also the most risky. In order to do it right you have to remove the entire wheel and have access to a coil compressor. It takes time and you also have to be very careful. Unity includes the spring ready to go with their car suspension struts allowing you to bypass this process. This cuts installation time by more than half for most vehicles.

Another key feature is the rubberized dust boot. This piece covers the middle of the strut underneath the suspension spring. While considered to be a small part of the assembly, it actually plays a distinct role. The dust boot protects the inner workings of the strut from being overcome by various elements that find their way around the wheel well. Heat, brake dust particles, and even roadside debris can play a part in causing wear on your suspension. The spring seats are rubberized, as well. This provides further reinforcement for the Unity suspension kit once it is installed.

Following installation, it may take up to 500 miles for your vehicle to ride as it did before the new struts. The new car suspension struts have to “break in” and it is not necessarily indicative of any issue. The benefits should be noticeable relatively soon after. With a Unity suspension kit, your car or truck should present a smoother ride with more cushioning, especially in areas where the terrain might be challenging. You should also notice a reduction in noise reverberating through the cabin. Although it is always recommended to avoid potholes and severe road cracks, these disruptions will no longer be as bothersome.

You can find a Unity suspension kit available for many makes and models. Chevy, Cadillac, Ford, and Dodge are just some of the automakers for whom Unity has developed kits for. For some car companies, especially foreign makes, getting new struts can be expensive. You might also be required to wait until the part arrives. Unity strut assemblies are made for all of the major foreign brands such as BMW and Volkswagen. The company creates each aftermarket strut according to exact model specifications. The part will fit according to precise OEM measurements without you having to make any adjustments.

It is crucial that a Unity suspension kit fits as well as the factory part, but it is also necessary that it performs as adequately. Expert design ensures that each kit exceeds OEM performance. Throughout the strut are robotic welds which add extra strength and a phosphorous coating which protects the surface. The valves are intentionally engineered to accommodate each vehicle’s driving ability, regardless of model segment. For instance, a suspension assembly for a Chevy Silverado will enhance that truck’s riding traits. There is no universal setting. Unity suspension kits are customized for every type of vehicle.

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