Energy Suspension: A Quick Introduction

Energy Suspension began their quest more than 25 years ago to create the best automotive suspension bushings. Their polyurethane bushings took off as they began producing them for all sorts of vehicles and applications. The company only perfects their products from polyurethane that they have perfected over the years. Rubber just does not compete with polyurethane when it comes to suspension bushings and that is why Energy Suspension is used by so many.

They have fitments for nearly every vehicle on the road and offer products like control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, end link bushings, motor mounts and transmission mounts just to name a few. Not only are Energy Suspension bushings better than factory ones, but they last longer, too. The company believes in creating auto parts that will last a very long time with very little maintenance and that is consistent with their suspension bushings.

Energy Suspension bushings create their poly bushings from hyper-flex technology which is exclusive to them and only them. Hyper-flex performance polyurethane is the latest technology that provides increased firmness and durability to any automotive suspension. Their product line also consists of the master bushing set that will cover your vehicle from front to rear. Energy Suspension automotive bushings are vehicle specific, but also come in universal bushings to accommodate any vehicle.

Aside from their quality suspension bushings, they are completely committed to their customer service and address problems immediately. Customer service is just as important as quality auto parts and each user receives both from Energy Suspension.

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