Enduring OE Xtreme Sidesteps Withstand Heavy Duty Activity

Thicker padding and functional design are what make OE xtreme sidesteps a fun addition to any truck. Drivers like having a boost when climbing into the cab because it is easier on the legs. The goal of OE xtreme sidesteps is to provide continuous strength for both heavy duty activity and everyday traveling. They are available for most notable truck models, both full-size and mid-size. Vehicles such as the Silverado, F-150, Tundra, and Ram can be fitted with OE xtreme sidesteps as if they were put on by the factory.

Having a strong pad underneath the frame is a big asset to many drivers. Truckers use Rhino xtreme nerf bars because they fit the profile for what their vehicles need. One reason why is because they are shaped into different tubing diameters, depending on the model and the requirements of the driver. Rhino xtreme nerf bars come in 4”, 5”, and 6” diameter tubing, which promotes both increased durability and a wider stepping area. The length for each application is specific to the vehicle. Also, the clearance between the frame and the bar can differ, as well. Low profile Rhino xtreme nerf bars mount a step lower than standard pads for a quicker step up.

A major feature is the footing. Rhino xtreme nerf bars have a new feature called “SuperGrip.” This refers to the material used on the truck sidestep pad that was designed to offer extra traction. It is a polyethylene material geared towards resisting moisture on the surface so that shoe soles do not slip or slide when making contact with the Go Rhino step bars. They are also UV resistant. Continuous exposure to sunlight can cause fading and cracking in other substances. Go Rhino step bars are built to endure warm, dry climates, wintry conditions, rock salt and sand.

Stainless steel construction means long-term strength. Go Rhino step bars are molded from premium steel to withstand weight and contact with tools and hardware. They are also resistant to corrosion and rusting. That is why these xtreme truck steps are preferred by drivers with heavy duty vehicles.

Added style comes in two ways. Rhino custom truck bars come finished in black and polished stainless steel. Some bars showcase end caps for a punctuated look.

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