Effective, improved Perrin Intercooler provides top mount intercooling solutions for Subarus

Keeping temperature manageable under the hood is what a Perrin intercooler is meant for. Heat can become a problem in the engine compartment when you are constantly running at high speeds. Between the track, drag strip, and residential driving, the activity coming from the turbo can make temps rise exponentially. A Perrin intercooler is made specifically for your Subaru and its high performance features. It replaces the stock unit with a larger core and improved routing, helping hot air flow from the end tank without being trapped in a corner. Perrin intercoolers are also much stronger and better equipped to handle incidental contact with pebbles or debris.

There are two main configurations drivers use: Front and top mount intercoolers. Of course, the main difference between them is their location. A top mount intercooler is a direct OEM replacement while a front mounted unit is installed directly below the grille. Both variation have their strengths. A top mount intercooler is a popular addition because it increases turbo spool by a substantial amount. There is less area for cooled air to travel. Another reason why top mount intercoolers are preferred is their weight. They are considerably lighter than front coolers and do not require removal of the bumper beam for installation.

A WRX aftermarket intercooler is tasked with cooling the air coming from the turbo. In order for this process to move effectively, the part itself has to maintain an adequate temperature. Perrin engineered their WRX aftermarket intercooler with a 3/8” bar and plate configuration that results in an easier route for air to run through. This aids in how air coming in externally is used to lower the cooling threshold. It is also how the WRX aftermarket intercooler is able to take the charged air and improve its density. Denser, cooler air going into the engine means more overall power.

Every Perrin TMIC is pressurized at 50 PSI in order to confirm that the core can handle rigorous driving conditions. It is also done to prevent against any potential leaks that are commonly seen with the factory part. For added protection WRX/STI inter-coolers are given a black or silver powdercoated finish. If you would like to throw on some extra style, a Perrin stencil is included to paint on their logo.

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