Easy Upgrade: Go Rhino Thunder Bars Send a Message

Numerous benefits make Thunder sport bars an attractive addition to any truck bed. It does not matter if your machine is for work or play, bolting on an Xtreme rack bar offers strength and versatility you can depend on. Truck owners have different reasons why they install Thunder sport bars. Some use one because they need the extra mount for off-road lights. Others may require additional holes to lock down more cargo in the truck bed. Of course, many will go with a Thunder sport bar simply because they like the look. Whichever your reasons are, Go Rhino provides a high quality answer truckers of all backgrounds rely on.

Steel is the name of the game and that is what Go Rhino sport bars are made of. It is with good reason steel is the material of choice. That is because Go Rhino sport bars are intended to brave all weather and terrain conditions. If traveling off-road, rocks and debris can kick up and cause dents. Also, it is to protect against contact with cargo accessories. Go Rhino sport bars display holes on each side that run up from the bed rails. These holes are useful for attaching camping equipment, tool boxes, and other kinds of cargo. The top of Go Rhino sport bars also feature additional pre-drilled holes for mounting off-road lights.

Installation is designed to be no problem. Rhino thunder series sport bars use your factory stake pockets, so there is no need to drill any holes or make any other modifications. You also do not have to be concerned about having the appropriate washers and bolts. Go Rhino thunder series sport bars come complete with all of the hardware you need. Even if you are not very experienced with installing exterior truck accessories it should not take too long. It is a bolt-on installation that requires little more than lining up the Rhino thunder series sport bars correctly and screwing them in. Note: If you have bed rail caps, you may have to temporarily remove them to expose the stake pockets.

Style is a big part of what the Thunder series light bar is about. Drivers have two distinct finishes to select from – polished stainless steel or black powder coat, with a 3 year warranty and limited lifetime warranty, respectively.

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