Dynamic H&R Lowering Springs Help Maintain Balance When You Need It Most

Lowering your vehicle is popular among many car enthusiasts since it closes the gap between the wheel and body of the car to increase the appearance and reduce body roll. H&R lowering springs are produced in many different styles that cater to you and what you want for your car. Every product from H&R is vehicle specific so you will not have any issues installing them either.

Lowering the vehicle gives the car a lower center of gravity in which it can handle better and take turns quicker without the increased body roll. H&R produces their lowering components to tighten up the entire suspension so there is no sloppy handling. H&R lowering springs ensure that comfortability is not lost either as they manufacturer them to specific spring rates that have been tested.

Coil springs from H&R do not sag either and are more durable than other automotive springs. H&R creates them from unique steel that allows them to last longer and resist against the outside elements like rain and other harmful chemicals. Your OEM components often take on rust pretty quick and this is the perfect time to switch to H&R.

The enhanced appearance is also perfect for car shows since most of them have this setup. H&R also offers coilovers that have an adjustable ride height to raise it up on the street, but lower it back down on the track or at the show. Components from H&R give your car the best ability to handle any type of road condition and they are neither too soft nor too hard, but just perfect. H&R has years of experience designing their products and are the best choice for lowering your car.

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