Durable, High Performing Midpipe Unlocks WRX Exhaust Power

Going with the Perrin WRX midpipe serves multiple purposes. It is a good way to open up some extra airflow, which is always a priority for performance drivers. It is also the pathway to a Subaru stage 2 exhaust setup. But more than anything, a Perrin WRX midpipe offers a quieter way to cruise in a modded vehicle. Instead of upgrading the exhaust only to be stuck with an egregiously loud tone, this part gives you the ability to stay under the radar without sacrificing power. Both hardcore fanatics and Subaru hobbyists will install a Perrin WRX midpipe to give them that missing piece.

This is a common setup. The Perrin Subaru midpipe connects to an OEM or aftermarket downpipe and muffler. The goal here is two-fold. First and foremost, ridding the exhaust system of any restriction creates more power potential. Without a Perrin Subaru midpipe, air might be freed coming from the downpipe but it is held back soon after. Exhaust is constricted. When you install a Perrin Subaru midpipe you are adding a wide 3” diameter route for the airflow to move through. In turn, more restriction is cleared and your boost profile is improved. If you plan on getting your car to the second stage you will likely need a Perrin Subaru midpipe to do it.

Durability and accuracy are most important. Perrin crafts their line of exhaust midpipes out of T-304 stainless steel with 3” diameter tubing and thick ½” flanges. This part is intended to directly bolt onto the down pipe without any further modification. One of the main features of the exhaust midpipe is v-band mating, which helps when lining up the pipe during installation. The V-band clamps can accommodate all of the weight necessary without having to employ a car exhaust gasket. From here, you can adjust the fitting so the exhaust midpipe is aligned accurately.

There is also a y-pipe that acts as a splitter. It is mated to your car’s muffler and this is how the exhaust volume is able to be kept at a reasonable noise level. Installation can be conducted at home or via a local shop. All performance mid pipes arrive at your door with hardware and step-by-step instructions.

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