Durability Is the Key for These Jeep Sidesteps, But You Knew That Already

Wrangler owners use Rhino Jeep sidesteps for both looks and functionality. When it comes to these vehicles a lot of modifications are often made. Rhino Jeep sidesteps give Wrangler fans an easy customization that will last throughout their 4×4’s lifetime. Made of tough stainless steel and designed specifically for your model, neither off-roading nor constant climbing into the cab will enact wear and tear. Rhino Jeep sidesteps offer superior strength for any driving lifestyle along with a finish that is both attractive and protective.

The key attribute this part is known for is convenience. Jeep step bars make it easier to climb in and out. While this comes in handy for Wranglers with standard wheel setups, it is even more helpful for vehicles with lifts. Many drivers who own a lifted model will install Jeep step bars so they do not have to stretch too far to access the cab. Plus, they come in handy for other things. Washing the vehicle, tinkering with roof lights, and tying down cargo are easier to accomplish standing on Jeep step bars.

Durability and looks are important, as well. Comprised of steel, Jeep step bars are built to be exposed to off-road driving trails and inclement weather. They are also intended to handle the weight of driver and passengers hopping on them constantly for years to come. To make that easier, Jeep Wrangler nerf bars feature a step pad that is stamped in. It has a non-slip grip, so even if you are wearing dress shoes you will still have enough traction. As for finishes, there are two to choose from: Black powder coat and polished stainless. You can select Jeep Wrangler nerf bars that deliver a gleaming accent or provide a sleek, bold persona.

Installation can be accomplished by most. To install your Jeep Wrangler nerf bars, you will need a socket set, a ratchet, and a wrench. You will use OEM mounting locations and will not have to cut or drill. It is a matter of lining up the Go Rhino sidestep brackets and tightening as you go. The hardest part is keeping the part level while adjusting the bolts. Overall, total installation time for Jeep custom step bars is about 30 minutes.

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