Durability Is Key When It Comes to Suspension Upgrades

Durability is one of the main features that are associated with Energy Suspension bushings. Energy Suspension durability outlasts all over suspension bushings due to how long they last and how well they resist against road contaminants. Their polyurethane bushings are used in place of factory rubber ones because they tighten up the suspension and are only a one-time replacement. OEM bushings may need to be replaced several times throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

Suspension bushings need to withstand various road conditions like water and snow, along with harmful chemicals like gases and oils. When rubber encounters these types of contaminants, it starts to wear prematurely and become brittle. Poly bushings never have this issue because of how durable they are. Whether you are using Energy Suspension bushings for your control arms or sway bar, they will last 5 to 10 times longer than the ones you replaced.

Their durable bushings are proven both on the off the street for vehicles that are either high performance or driven daily. Energy Suspension bushings will never cause bad steering response or sloppy handling like worn out rubber ones do.

Weight and torque also play a role in breaking down your automotive bushings. If you have added weight or power to your heavy duty truck, then it might be time to upgrade to Energy Suspension. Their hyper-flex performance polyurethane can handle added weight along with added power without compromising drivability or comfort. They are not too hard for every day driving, but are firm enough for race applications.

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