Drivers use GrimmSpeed Racing Parts to increase Subaru turbo exhaust response

A high percentage of competitors use GrimmSpeed racing parts both on and off the track. Subaru models are recognized for their sporty profile. However, not many brands concentrate on the automaker’s lineup the way GrimmSpeed does. Combining years of engineering expertise along with a love for performance mods, you can count on their Subaru turbo exhausts for both quality and function. GrimmSpeed racing parts are available in a host of options including down pipes, up pipes, and intercoolers. Everything is made of top quality materials and guaranteed to fit according to your car’s exact specs. Many professional Impreza drivers rely on GrimmSpeed racing parts above anything else.

One of the most popular options is an aftermarket Impreza downpipe. Whether it is for a WRX or STI, a sizeable increase in power can be unlocked with just one upgrade. The goal of an aftermarket Impreza downpipe is to help exhaust flow move easier through the system. The reason why it does not with stock parts is because they are slim, cumbersome, and not intended for performance. That is not the case with an aftermarket Impreza downpipe. Instead, exhaust is cleared out quicker and easier, thanks to wider tubing and more direct flow routes. GrimmSpeed offers aftermarket Impreza downpipes in both catted and catless versions, depending on your needs.

The most important aspect to consider is exhaust airflow and how it affects your car’s ability to accelerate. When thick, heated automotive exhaust is not given an adequate exit route it chokes back. This restriction is what a custom WRX down pipe is designed to eliminate. As soon as airflow is increased, performance picks up. A custom WRX down pipe can contribute to an extra 25 horsepower or more in the right setup. If it is mated along with other Subaru racing accessories meant for speed, that number can be even higher. Without question, a custom WRX downpipe is a critical unit in a competitive racing model.

Strong, dependable material is always used by GrimmSpeed. All of their Subaru downpipes are made from T-304 stainless steel. After being rendered using CAD software, each pipe is shaped according to specs and then mandrel-bent for accurate bends and toughness. It is then TIG welded for durability at the flanges.

This part is for off-road or competitive use only.

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