Don’t Worry: Installing Husky Quad Caps Is No Sweat

Husky Quad Caps

Black Bed Rail Protectors

You might be surprised, but installing Husky quad caps is not difficult at all. Before you begin the process you will need to have several items close by so that they’re right where you need them.

  • Two dry clean washcloths.
  • A small spray bottle filled with water.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • The included instructions.
  • A step stool. (If necessary)

Because Husky bed rail caps come in sections, you are also going to need enough space to move around without being cramped by walls or chairs. It is suggested to conduct your install outside in mild weather or in a spacious garage.

The first thing you’ll need to do is clean off the bedrails. Your new caps will not adhere sufficiently if the bed rails are dirty, muddy, or dusty. Fill up the spray bottle with one-half water and one-half isopropyl alcohol. Spray the bed rails enough to where they are extremely wet. Use the washcloth to dry the area, but if you notice the rail isn’t completely clean, spray the rail again and repeat the process. Try not to leave streaks with the washcloth when you are drying it off. Once you are satisfied with the surface you can go ahead and grab your Husky quad caps.

When you are ready to install, it is recommended that you start with the rear pieces first. On the back of the bed caps is 3M automotive tape. If you have performed any exterior upgrades in the past, the tape might be familiar to you, as it is used by many manufacturers due to its flexibility and durability.

Remove the red tape liner and then place the cap on the back of rail. Be sure the cap is even with the back-end on the same side as the tailgate and the inside of the bed rail. You will be able to tell if it is lined up correctly by peeking over the rail and towards the tailgate.

Once the  caps are on, stamp them down firmly. Start at the back-end and make your way all the way to the front. Keep pressing down until the liner is matted down adequately and you feel secure in its level of adhesion. Do not attempt to pull up on the cap to test it, as the adhesive may take a few hours to fully set in.

You will follow pretty much the same path to install the front rail protectors, except in a different order. Once again, take off the red liner of the automotive tape first, carefully putting the liner to the side so that it doesn’t interfere with the cap. Beginning at the front edge of the rear cap, place the front cap over the rear, but do so lightly. Line it up flush and begin to press down, confirming that it is even both inside of the cap and with the inner truck bed rail.

Installation may vary on certain trucks. If this is the case, it isn’t an issue, as each set of rail caps comes with customized installation instructions. Performing the installation can be accomplished alone fairly easily. However, having another set of eyes can help for truck beds that rest on top of lifted trucks or truck beds that have higher walls. Using a step stool can also be a huge help if you have the space available.

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