Don’t Worry – Installing a Unity Strut Assembly Can Be Accomplished

First things first. Conducting a Unity strut replacement on your car requires finding the correct size, measurement, and ratio. Fortunately, you do not have to do a lot of research to figure it out. While looking up the size in your vehicle manual can help, Unity makes it even easier by listing their shocks according to year, make, and model. This saves a lot of time for drivers, especially those who own a used car and do not have the specs handy. Once you have the size, doing a Unity strut install means choosing the type you want.

There are several options available. Unity struts come in two main categories: full assembly and bare. The difference is in the components that are included. A complete assembly comes with the device set up and ready for installation. This means that the top mount, dust boot, spring compression and seal are already in place. Bare aftermarket shocks vary in their composition. Most often, they are more the “skeleton” and just come with the piston and valve, allowing you to use OEM springs (provided they are in adequate shape).

Another option drivers may need is a full-on conversion kit. The Air Ditcher conversion is for those with an air configuration looking to change over to steel shocks. These kits are comprised of all of the Unity suspension parts you need unassembled such as the struts, springs, coils, and hardware. Of course, not every vehicle is the same and some will require a separate kit. If this is the case, the CSA conversion is the other choice. The CSA kits are fully assembled aftermarket shocks with one caveat: each piece must be purchased individually, as they do not come in a set.

You do not have to wait every 50,000 miles to replace your shock absorbers. If you begin to notice increased noise rolling over cracks and potholes or feel the car getting inconsistent on bumpy surfaces, an upgrade might be necessary. Unity parts are made for most makes and models and are designed to engage a precise OEM fit. The ride quality should also seem vastly improved shortly following installation. However, it could take a few hundred miles for the difference new suspension parts provide to be noticeable.

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